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So I have decided to rework and bring out Dr. Stein again. It has been a while since I have done anything with him and I really miss cosplaying as him. The reworks I am looking at currently are a rework to my screw to make it more even with the side of my head, Restitching a few parts of my labcoat that have come undone, and finally getting around to getting white shoes that I will also have to hand stitch through.

My other projects I am working on currently are a few I wasn't going to reveal until a convention to a few people but I have decided to just come out with them since I am growing tired of waiting.  I will be working on the following for next con season:

Fire Lord Zuko
Yoko Kurama
prsion Viral (Gurren Lagann)
Mako (Legend of Korra)
Roy Mustang

I am also attempting to get into the prop making business. I am working out a few kinks  in my process as well as trying to acquire a few bits of machinery and other rools that will make my props much better than they are now. More on that to come at a later date.

Hopefully once I get Stein done and a few others some photoshoots will follow. Sorry for the lack up updates to my page. I Have been super busy. Hope you all have't forgotten about me.



United States
I am a cosplayer out of New York State. I strive to be that best that I personally can be with the materials available to me. I also like to partake in photography when I have spare time. If you are just discovering my profile here I apologize that I do not upload frequently due to lack of free time due to college. However when I do upload something I make sure it is well worth everyone's time. I go by Sheep_Are_A_Myth but you all can refer to me as Sheep. I appreciate you reading my profile and I hope you appreciate my work here as well.

" One person's obscure is another's perfection."

“As a general rule, there will ALWAYS be people with more talent, more creativity, more motivation, more money, and more time and dedication able to create better costumes than you. There is ALWAYS someone better. So don’t worry about being the best. Just worry about being YOUR best.”

— Arthur Groves

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